Air is a mixture of moisture and air. Hence this moisture needed to be removed from the air by changing the temperature and humidity through a medium. The process in which the moisture is removed from the air is called Dehumidification process. This functionality could be achieved by using Appidi Dehumidifiers.

midifier shall be Honeycomb Desiccant type and the patented refined technology which goes into manufacturing of Desiccant Rotors is most reliable and energy efficient. As a result our rotors will regenerate to its optimum level with only 120 Deg C.

In several cases our Dehumidifiers are working with only low pressure steam of 3.2 Kg / Cm2 without adding any backup heaters. Our Dehumidifiers are so efficient that they maintain as low as 12% Relative Humidity with only 85 Deg C regeneration temperatures in favorable weather seasons.

The basic Dehumidifier model starts from 360 CFM. This basic model is used for achieving the desired conditions. Depending on the requirement the larger models would be recommended for achieving the desired conditions.

The basic model can consist of pre filter, Desiccant Rotor and Process fan in the supply section and heat retardant filter, heaters/ steam coil and Reactivation fan on the re generation section.

Engineered Dehumidifiers will be available in various combinations like Dehumidifier with complete AHU, Pre cooling coil and after cooling coil sections and required filtration, process fan of desired static pressure. By pass arrangement for the return air, desiccant rotor etc. Our Desiccant rotors are integrated with silica gel metal silicates by special manufacturing process which has a capability of high moisture removal.

The Dehumidifiers range starts from 360 CFM and extend up to 25,000 CFM in single unit. Many applications require specially selected Dehumidifiers to achieve the desired conditions.

Technical Data
Dehumidifier Model CCR-150 CCR-250 CCR-350
Dehumidifier CFM 1000 CFM 1500 CFM 2000 CFM
100% Electrical Heaters Consumption KW 15 22.5 30
Optional 100% Steam Consumption Kgs/Hr 32.65 47.58 63.44
Process Motor Capacity 1 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Reactivation Motor Capacity 0.5 HP 1.5 HP 2 HP
Process Air Inlet flange Size mm 605 X 300  745 X 400 945 X 450
Optional Precooling coil size As per fresh air CFM As per fresh
air CFM
As per fresh
air CFM
Optional Steam coil size 12.5" X 12" X 4 Row 12.5" X 16" X 4 Row 15" X 16" X 4 Row
Dimensions Approx. 1680 L X 825 W X 1490 H mm 1980 L X 950 W X 1630 H 1915 L X 1050 W X 1500 H
Weight 300 Kgs 1915 L X 1050 W X 1500 H 600 Kgs
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing labs
  • Food processing units
  • Ship building
  • Hygroscopic product storage
  • Coffee & Tea Industry
  • Seed storage rooms
  • Sugar packing areas and warehouses
  • Aircraft Maintenance Centers
  • Cold store rooms
  • Defence labs
  • Heritage structures, art galleries and museums
  • Manufacturing facilities of computers and electronic components
  • Power stations, precision and chemical plants
  • Humidity control is essential prior to painting of internal surfaces in large construction, bridges, warehouses, tunnels, wind mill towers etc.
  • Fruit Drying
  • Chocolate Storage
  • Fertilizer bagging area
  • Rubber creel room
  • Leather storage
  • General laboratories (instruments)
  • Engine testing rooms and many other applications