Dehumidifiers are widely used in several manufacturing, packing and storing applications such as Pharmaceutical industry, Food processing, Electronic storing, Defence equipment storing, coffee/ Tea drying, packing areas etc., to maintain low absolute Humidity in order to prevent product deformation or corrosion on the precision materials.


In the areas like cold room air locks will have condensation effect as the outside air come in contact with the cold surface, its dew point is usually lower than the air coming in contact. Hence condensation takes place.

Hygroscopic Products

Most of the pharmaceutical powders, capsules, dry syrups are hygroscopic and needs to be processed and packed under Low humidity. Coffee and Tea packing under controlled humidity will give expected self life. Candies or sugar has high tendency to absorb moisture, if exposed to the ambient humid conditions. All products which are hygroscopic in nature, call for Dehumidification.

Product Drying with Cooling

Certain products like gum based candies / sugar coating process or certain chocolate manufacturing demands cool and very dry air to fasten the production. APPIDI Engineered Dehumidifier with Air Handling Unit with filtration is the Ideal for these type applications.

SEED DRYING and long term storage

Seed drying and long term storage is the typical application for Desiccant Dehumidifier.